The Epic Fail Thread

The Halo series has always been a game where ANYTHING can happen. Thankfully we have theater to record those moments!

Anything from Stories, to Film Clips are acceptable. Now post away:

Two of my Fail-tastic videos:

To Kick This Thread Off

and my most recommended fail


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I've got an Epic loss for was earlier this weekend.  Regular Team Slayer 4v4.  We had lost 2 players with about 2 minutes left in the game.  We were tied 48-48.  My teammate goes into ArmorLock because he has a badguy about to hit him.  I have, because he's in Armor Lock, I go to eliminate his enemy via rocket.  Anyway, my guy decided to come out of Armor Lock after 2 seconds and pops up right into my Rocket (which woulda destroyed the enemy had he stayed locked.  Somehow -- I kil my guy and not the enemy.  Anyway, so I'm cursing about the abusrdity of it all and not paying attention and I get killed by the enemy who survived.  

We lose 50-48.  Pisssed I was, yes  Funny as heck, it was.

This has been happening alot to me lately.

When using the laser designator, sometimes the rounds don't come raining explosive deaths.

I hear the confirmation message, but no explosions and medals being awarded.

Whenever I pick up rockets is a fail waiting to happen :(

I filmed this fail on the first or second day of the beta. I named it the first fail of Halo Reach.


Me getting killed by drop pod in firefight:


I had loads of fails on Halo 3, not sure if there still on my Halo 3 file share though.

Got a new one.. involving a Banshee in Hemmorage.

At the base in the far end of he canyon, this Banshee was coming down onto me and I was trying to get out of the way.

I ended up backing into a corner, and the Banshee uses a boost. It was almost a splatter kill for the pilot, but the banshee's size and shape kept it from happening.