The ending to this game is sick ....

I know I messed up on somethings and lost of a few guys at the end. I made a back up save and should fix it but that was a blockbuster finish. One of the most exciting games I've played in a long time.


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Personally I think 2 is the better ending. ME1 is an amazing game but it didn't make me emote too much. I didn't care that I sacrificed the counsel. Sure I hated those guys but I was totally ambivillant to the fact that I could save them or not. Whereas seeing poor Kelly getting blended because I don't do guides unless totally needed and I just had to go and do that Shadow Broker mission before I went for the suicide run. It genuinely upset me to be honest. Even little things like walking down to the cockpit and not having the guys bantering because of a choice I made was sad.

When you get right down to it I can't pick too much fault with either game but for me ME2 was a vast improvment over what was already pretty faultless.

I so can't wait for ME3 now. March can't come quick enough for me

@ AbsolutelyApril, I absolutely agree with you there!


The ending to Mass Effect 1 is one of the best endings I've seen. It wasn't trying too much, it wasn't too little, but with just the right amount of A.W.E.S.O.M.E.N.E.S.S!! All your hours of toil and sweat culminating in an ending that sees Shepard emerging from the wreckage accompanied with the crescendo of a jaw dropping musical score! And that reassuring smile! Wow, just wow!


Priceless! It just can't be matched! While Mass Effect 2's ending was cool, the first game's takes the trophy in my view.

*SPOILERS ABOUND*the 'human reaper' explains why the collectors were abducting entire human colonies.

It caught me off guard quite a bit, rather surprising turn of events I thought.

Love the ending to ME1! the first time you see your Shepard coming over the wreckage at the end was a nice touch IMO

*SPOILERS* I'm going to buck the trend and I'm not trolling as I love both ME1 and ME2. I didn't like the ending in ME2 for one reason. The human reaper. So, the point of that was what?  Maybe I'm missing something but I thought it derailed the story. The game play was pretty static as someone stated before.  The ME1 battle was hectic and chaotic, much more engaging.

[quote user="Toxicity II"]

ME2 ending = Independence Day

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Sorry... double post.

[quote] Ghost of Kirin:

Deaths Head, I too had lost my Mass Effect data, however, not only did I lose those, I lost all of my saved files for all of my games, due possibly to a dashboard update prior to Kinect's launch. In light of that incident though, I got the chance and excuse to replay the game for the one hundredth time and to finally acquire all of the Achievements I never cared for. I guess I just couldn't play it without Liara in my squad. Missed her dearly in Mass Effect 2, before LotSB.[/quote]

Sadly it wasn't just my Mass Effect data, but ALL game data stored was lost, due to having to format my HDD to reinstall Final Fantasy XI. Still... plenty of time to get my Shepard's ready for Mass Effect 3 ^^

[quote]As for Genesis, I'm at an utter loss as to what BioWare were trying to achieve with this poorly realized idea. Not only was the narrative all over the place it had very little to do with how Shepard's repercussions flowed on Mass Effect. I'm not talking about them leaving out the decisions made on Feros entirely, as well as other little bits and pieces, but how briefly and haphazardly the narrative was told. It was as if BioWare had the preconceived notion that PS3 owners wouldn't really care for a personalized experience, since most would skip through it as quickly as possible seeing as Genesis was quite lengthy. BioWare should have seriously hired a professional author to script the narrative of Genesis, and have it told with more care.[/quote]

I can understand why BioWare made this, for the PS3 users as ME1 will never be released on the PS3... but still, it could've been done a lot better. My main criticism about Geneses, is the fact that a Mission Plant (Feros) was entirely omitted from it. There's a reason you went to Feros in ME1... and to not have that information made available, is poor planning on BW's part imo.

I downloaded and started a new game of ME2 with the sole purpose of trying out Genesis... Fifteen minutes later, I turned the game off and reloaded ME1. The lack of choices, with only 6 'critical choices' available when compared to all the choices you can have carry over (Meeting Conrad Verner, Helena Blake and Fist again for one thing), just irritated me immensely.

[quote] Red Son Rising

mass effect 2 is more fun to replay but stopping the collectors isnt quite as satisfying as taking down saren. thanks to genesis mass effect has been officially retired tho, starting new canon only takes 15min now[/quote]

After reading this thread again, I have to say I disagree with you about Genesis retiring Mass Effect. Being limited to only 6 choices and (as others have pointed out) omitting a Mission Planet (Feros) as well as the involvement of the Geth as the villains (with Saren and Sovereign etc as the main villains) is a poor decision imo.

While I can understand your view of starting a new game of ME2, without playing ME1 and using Genesis to personalise your new game, it doesn't have the same feel as playing ME2 with a character you've imported from ME1. Still... it's your game, play however you want, that's how I see it.

ME2 ending = Independence Day

Red Son Rising, it lacks anything less than a compelling narrative to move or arouse the experienced Mass Effect player, let alone a player who's new to the series. And as Shuey19 puts it, Genesis lacks emotional depth.


I don't know if you've played Lost Odyssey, but the game's Dream sequences are one of the best narratives told in any game I've ever played. What's more. They were short and to the point but packed full of emotion. All of the games Dream sequences were told in 'text only' and had no pictures but it was accompanied by a harrowing sound track, penned by a renowned novelist.


While I dreaded reading them, on one hand, but once I did read them though,  I was completely enveloped and sucked into the mini stories. They are compelling enough to have moved me and those that have played the game.


Genesis cannot do this and it wasn't designed to move the player due to a poorly realized idea, is my point. Just saying that Genesis could have managed to compel the audience had BioWare given it the chance, but they opted not to.


I'd much rather read a novel than read a comic. Comics penned by Alan Moore are an exception of course.

does anyone here really think a motion comic could be anything but a poor substitute for a 40hr rpg like Mass Effect? theres no way to distill that much playtime into anything meaningful and still be 15min long



[imo] bioware didnt necessarily do a great job with the presentation but Genesis gets the point across.  Genesis gives ps3 users a primer to get them started and all users a quick create new sheps with custom canon



bioware was right not to spoil Mass Effect with a short motion comic. want the full experience? play the full game. expecting Genesis to take the place of Mass Effect [ie: spoil every choice] in 15min is unreasonable

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