The ending *** SPOLIERS***

WTF?? why, why , why? Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Thats what I was screaming at my TV when I stabbed her then I almost launched my controller through the TV but common sense said dont do that it cost you $2,500.

So what I want to know this all going to be explained as to why we killed her in revelations? (the title makes me tend to think so) but if it does not I wont be buying the game. I dont know about you guys but I dont like finishing a game and still having 100 questions unanswered. I need some closure at the end of a game, none of this" to be continued" rubbish.


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Lucy isn't dead...

Yes Ubi said a while back @ E3 that everything will be answered in AC:R.

Facepalm? Did you even follow the "behind the scenes" storyline? Questions will be answered in ACIII. Not ACR, but  ACR will answer a few questions, it'll still be an ending cliffhanger though.

@Zehq is right ACR will answer some of the huge questions but AC3 is the end so what do you exept