The ending? [Spoilers]


Ive just completed ME3, and like most I was abit confused however I have 2 questions:

1. When you meet that child and you have to make a decision, I walked up and turned left n shepard put both his hands on that one. But I didnt know which 1 I was picking as there was no option. Is that they whole point of it?
or will I of got a different ending/cut scene if I had went to the terminal on the right?

2. After the ending credits I got a little cut scene with a person and a child talking about stars etc. after that it put me back on the normandy with the next mission Priority: Cerberus Headquarters
wtf? I thought you will of got the option to start a new game?

Thank you


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First question, which path. It's simply that a path. In the black and white cut scenes showing what the Illusive Man would do and what Anderson would do is supposed to give you an idea. In short, Left is the "blue" ending, Right is the "red" ending and the middle path is the "green" ending. They're basically all the same though with only very minor differences. This is the "hate" about the end that the ME3 Community is talking about.

Second question. Just start a New Game+ and it will show Import a ME3 Character. Just keep your Save File prior to doing the last Mission (Illusive Man) for future possible DLC.