The Ending and DLC *SPOILERS*

So we find out about how Adam was helping the Queen for years before E-Day and more. But they didn't answer how that came about really. Was Adam stolen? Why does Myrrah look like a human? Why didn't the Locusts just ask us for help? Which side truly started the war? etc.?...Do you guys think these things will be answered in DLC? Epic did say they would make DLC for campaign that continues the story rather than a deleted chapter. How would they go about it? Do you have answers do these questions? Thoughts on the ending?


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I went through Act IV and V sure that Myrrah was Marcus' mother because she looked human and I figured there was a twist and then Marcus was all "We dealt with her" and Adam was like "Did you kill her? /sadface." But that didn't happen. So yes, I hope the Human Myrrah thing is cleared up in the DLC.

Myrrah is not the mother of Marcus Fenix.

I know that. I said I was almost sure she was until the ending.