The Edge of the Adventure Map Will Not Load

I've tried restarting the program, the computer, nothing helps. And I can't seem to upload a screen shot of the problem, either. I keep getting an error message for that, too.


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same problem as listed in topic "Win10 not compatible!"

sgsin...  please help !!

It seems to depend on the graphics driver.  On one of my Windows 10 systems (Nvidia) the graphics is fine whereas on another (embedded Intel graphics) the symptoms so many have reported do appear.  A workaround is to rescale the containing window, or when the right-hand strip is on screen try to drag the background left, which often gives a peek at one more column.  I must say that it is absurd that MS hasn't fixed this bug by now.

I informed Microsoft about this one year ago, followed forums and automatic replies  for 9 months. it is obvious they can not fix it and are waiting for a  bright spark (which it seems  they do not employ) to find a solution, to solve it like so many of their faults.

I really like playing the Adventure Mode but around level three its really had to see especially for me there are about 4 columns before the stairs that are missing and I actually can not get through without dying. This is really sad.