The Ebony Warrior *maybe spoiler*

First you need to be level 81 to get this quest. He well show up in any city your in. Then you need to go to Last Vigil. This took me 4 days to realize it's not is Solstheim when all this time he was in Skyrim. Hope this helps everyone to find him. 


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The quest glitched for me, he told me to meet him. I went to the spot, but couldn't initiate conversation, so I killed him and the quest ended.

There is a special quest at level 81? Sick, too bad I got like 30 levels to go to get there lol.

Haha. Multipule character complex kicked in again today, deleted my current dragonborn warrior and started a new one! I have my level 25 necromage just starting the db and for some reason I fancied a break from an over powered vampire mage. More to the point, if my MCC stays like this, I doubt i`ll ever see lvl 50. Let alone 81!  

I always hold onto the Oghma Infinium so I can use the level glitch if I get bored and want to get leveled up for specific missions.

I figured he'd be in Skyrim, but I haven't bothered to face him yet, I'll do it once I get 1550G for Skyrim.

Waffle,you don't need to talk to him according to wikia. Just kill him and loot his corpse.

Exactly, fighting and killing hime is the quest. I got the complete after a long tough battle. His gear is now in a chest while I'm off to hunt a Dragonborn

There is no convo to start fight. Which is cool for stealth/assassin toons to do major damage off the bat.

I found him in Windhelm at level 80. Went to the Last Vigil and damn...he FUS RO DAHd me right off a cliff.