The Districts of Minecraft (Village, Currency, Jobs, Role-playing)

The Districts of Minecraft

A Role-Playing community!

My Gamertag is Th3Conman17, which probably sounds familiar because this isn’t the first time I’ve held a Minecraft Xbox 360 edition role-playing server. This time I hope this server lasts longer. I have a bunch of plans for the people that join our server. Now this role-playing server is supposed to be a simulation of real life. Everybody that joins will have at least one job, and we will act like we would in a real life situation. I have a bunch of parties, events and rituals in mind for the village but more people need to join. The server will also at all times be on Easy Difficulty.

PVP is not aloud, yes I realize it would be fun. But imagine if you went out got level 30, enchanted a diamond pickaxe got the Fortune enchantment and got 64 diamonds and then somebody killed you. You'd go furious! This is why PVP is not aloud, but later we will add an arena. But not now! 

1.) No killing.
2.) No stealing.
3.) No trespassing. (On farmers farms, and shops at night time)
4.) Don’t build a house without a land permit. (Can be bought at the bank)
5.) You cannot mine at night or in poorly lighted areas. (Do to mobs)
6.) You cannot own or make a sugarcane farm. (Paper is the currency)
7.) All houses must be made out of Oak in the Oak District.
8.) All houses must be built using the same design. (Examples will be shown)
9.) Don’t bother others peoples stuff. (Crops, chest, Item Frames, Signs, Etc...)
10.) You cannot own an Enchantment table unless you’re the Enchanter.

If any of these rules are broke you will go to Jail in the Village, and if you break out of the Jail you will be kicked out of the Server. 


Miner: (Can work for another miner, or can start own business)
Hunter: (Works for baker to gather meat and other supplies)
Farmer: (Also works for baker)
Lumberjack: (Gathers wood, can be hired by anybody)
Knight: (Are paid to fight off mobs in poorly lighted areas, and at night)
Village Police: (Inspects every body’s houses to make sure no violations are made, they also run the jail to make sure nobody escapes)
Judge: (Gets to sentence how long somebody stays in jail)
Banker: (Gets access to the Sugarcane farm, and manages Village money)
Architect: (Are paid to build houses, some are paid by the government to keep the village looking nice)
Enchanter: (Owns shops that have enchantment tables in them)
Baker: (Bakes food for people)
Shop Owner: (Shop owners aren’t paid by the government and can open any kind of shop they want for example a hotel)


Age: (Must be 13 or older, no exceptions)
Do you have a mic? (You must have a mic)
What jobs do you want? (Must have 2)
Did you read the rules? What did you think about them?

Not everybody will be accepted. If I think you won’t play right with the role-playing you won’t be accepted, and if you start to start trouble or won’t follow one of the rules, I will simply kick you out of the clan. If you don’t like the rules, and if you don’t want to play right, then don’t join. Simple as that, unless you’re stupid. 

This is a simple role-playing server, nothing fancy or complicated. Not too much reading either. Please join, you won’t regret it.


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The Clan is over, once again. Don't bother joining, or filling out an application.

The server is back up and running! :) Feel free to join on in!




Lumberjack hunter

Yes very good



I'm good at all jobs

I don't grief and I would love to help the server

Oh and yes I have a mic and my GT is XDichig086


Gamertag: Hhosolrac

Age: 20

Do you have a mic? yes

What jobs do you want? Knight or police

Did you read the rules? yes What did you think about them? sounds fun

add me if you accept me..


Gamertag: edward63489

Age: 20

Do you have a mic?: yes

What job do you want:Shop owner, architect, knight

I have read the rules and I think they sound fair.

I'm actually thirteen sorry

And having the houses all lool the se might sound a little boring

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