The Dilemma: Dragonplate v. Daedric

Perhaps someone can help me with this dilemma. This next play through I'm a battle mage. I'm level 100 in enchanting and heavy armor and I'm ready to create a nasty set of armor w/ dual enchantments. But I can't decide what armor to use- daedric or dragonplate? Dragonplate weaker than daedric but not as cumbersome. However, this can be negated w/ the heavy armor perk that makes it so armors no longer encumbers you. Dragonplte would be cheaper to make bc I have all the materials for it already. If I got daedric I would have to buy a lot of ebony and daedric hearts which are very expensive. However I do like the look of dragonplate better.


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Don't forget, you also have the option to enchant any other type of armour aside from the ones you mentioned, to equivalent defensive capabilities.


I was playing a Thief and ending choosing Elven since it was the lightest and by the time I finished enchanting it, the armour class was better than anything else!


And it looks better than Dragonscale!!!

if you do the daedric quests you get a ton of free daedric hearts.

But look how droopy, bulky and weird dragonplate armor looks.  :o


Go with Daedric. The Daedric hearts are available at vendors and one of the Daedric shrines and if encumbrance is an issue, choose the Steed Stone that will not make Armor weigh anything when you wear it and gives you an extra 100 lbs of weight. Daedric just looks better in my opinion.


I clothed my manequins in Windhelm with the Dragonplate and Daedric Armor sets and the Daedric Armor looks so hardcore. Also, Daedric armor plus the Stoneflesh spell plus the Flamecloak spell make you nearly invincible during close combat.

Daedric looks cool, but heavy and bulky.  If you wore something like that in real life you would injure the hell out anyone standing within 4 feet of you.

From Wikia


While Daedric armor has a higher armor rating than Dragonplate or Dragonscale, armor rating is capped at 567. This means that with a combination of Smithing improvements and Armor perks, both Dragonplate and Dragonscale will provide the same protection as Daedric. In this case, Dragonscale has the advantage of being much lighter than Daedric using fewer perks, (both heavy and light armor can become weightless using the right perks).

The materials for crafting Dragon Armor are much more common than those for Daedric armor. While dragons are common in Skyrim and defeating them generally yields multiple Dragon Scales and Dragon BonesEbony is relatively rare and Daedra Hearts are even more so.

The primary drawback to Dragon Armor is that the perk to craft it does not provide weapons.

On certain races, such as Argonians, the back of the Dragonplate Helmet (the bony parts) will not appear. This may be a bug.

You can oversmith everything that it doesn't matter which better. Me I have been using the armors that suits my race, it keeps it interesting during battle and feeds my OCD.

I wish there was a Daedric execution where you took off your helmet and gouged someones eye out with the spike on top.

Besides aesthetics, I don't see what difference it makes. I'm level 51 and nothing is really a super challenge to beat if you use a little strategy. I do use a bow and light armor though. I have a daedric bow that stuns and 100% archery that stuns. No one on one enemy is really a danger. I wear light dragon scale, but I just picked up some a full set of glass that I found. I'm going to start wearing that.  I don't know if a tank strategy makes which heavy armor you use matter more.

BTW: If daedric armor was real, swords and such would get funneled into the spots between the spikes and make ouchies. Real armor is round so the attacks slide off. But this isn't real life so we can have fun designs. I don't think glass would work well either. :)

I made my legendary dragonplate armor, but didnt enchant it and then I thought of something. With all daedric armor equipped, my armor rating is around 780, and w/ d.p., its around 720. When your armor rating is that ridiculously high, it doesnt make much of a difference if the difference is 60 or so.

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