The Difference Is I dont Cheat

I can live with a 3 bar. I can tolerate unbalanced teams. I dont care if you noob tube.


What I cant stand is the people who sound *** with their nasty little headsets.


It really is beyond a joke , the lower class of players that need every little gaming aid they can to get them a kill.

It hasnt been as bad on BO as it was on MW2 but its still a problem.


I wish they would remove the footsteps altogether so we can get back to a slightly more level playing field.

What I have written wont apply to 80% of CoD players just the ones who may actually be able to play a bit.

If you get a equally skilled players having a game then the turtle cheats would have an outstanding advantage which cripples a fair game from happening.


Now for a bit of pre-emptive action

1- I wont buy  a headset myself because I firmly believe they are lame and only nubnub players need them.

2-I have a great job , plenty of free cash to spend as I please so its not a ££ thing. I dont need mummy to buy me things like the vast majority of you.

3- 8/10 times my team will win the game wether your sound *** or not. So its not a case of we  are bad.


So the next time you see a kill cam and you wonder why the guy that killed you stopped in his tracks and backtracked to an obscure bit  to get you you can rest assured he was a cheating headset scrub.




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Thanks man you made me laugh... oh and cool story bro

I use the turtle beach x1 and i cant wait to hear you try to kill me from behind...then , after my 180, see you fall down to the ground...! LOLLLL!!

Headset are useful to play at night when my wife and kids are asleep. But to solve your problem just use ninja, I hate them when I use my headset! Or when you know the position of your ennemy just crouch when you are close enough...

Use Ninja Pro.

I have the X41's i usually play late into the night when family are in bed. i have surround sound speakers but the headset gives out 20 times better sound quality and the bass doesn't shake the house down. if your going to moan about people having better sound quality then why don't you bring up the excuse someone that has a 17" monitor compared to a 40" LCD has a visual advantage. You have no argument, people have different preferences. Get used to it

Do you honestly not have anything better to do other than whine about a headset you can afford

i use the x31s. i think they are awesome. i didn't get them so i could play better, i got them so i don't wake up my kid and wife while i'm playing late at night............does that still make me a "nubnub"   :(

    I read the first sentence before I even realized who the op was. Half way through the second sentence I realized it was her and stopped.

    It seems to me, that every time she needs a little attention, she finds some rediculaous way to accuse people of cheating.



   Well, lets consider something ..........

    Just exactly what  IS cheating?  I think most people would agree that its a method of gaining an unfair advantage by using dishonest tactics ...........yes?

    So lets take this a bit further, when the op suggests that an opponent was "cheating" in a manner that neither the  developers, nor any other form of authority, acknowledge as cheating, she herself is being somewhat dishonest. She is implying that somehow she is operating in an official capacity to interpret the rules of the game. .....


    Thats half the definitin of cheating ..................   all we have left is to show the "unfair advantage".



     Well ........ by suggesting someone is cheating, would be to suggest that such person's win against her , truly didnt count. If  the other person's win didnt count, this would in a sense move her up the list on the leader board, at east in the minds of those she can convince..



    So indeed ....  the op is using unfair tactics in order to gain an unfair advantage over an opponent, .... or "cheating"

   And to make it even wosre .... In the thread title, she claims that she herslf, doesnt cheat, thus adding to the dishosty of the whole thread.

Guess I should take my home theater system back to Best Buy...

[quote user="xII Stripes IIx"]

Guess I should take my home theater system back to Best Buy...



How dare you use the natural, programmed sounds of the game to your advantage! Cheater!

Right, we should all play without sound. Goty material right there.

The headset cheating argument never gets old.

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