The Depths

How do you get out of here, I've looked everywhere and I can't find a ladder or nothing? Also, I want to avoid blightown.


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You know where you found the Pyromancer behind all the barrels? Go there and jump through the crack in the wall and you are at the beginning again.

I'm at the part where you fight the giant rat and thats where I'm stuck. I haven't seen a pyromancer down there.

The beginning of the level is the giant rat. You need to look for the Pyromancer behind a ton of barrels. There isn't a ladder to go back up. That's why you need to jump through the hole in the wall. It will bring you back to where you fought the Butcher, some dogs and some enemies.

Never mind, I found it. Thanks so much! your a life savior! I thought I would never get out of there. It sucks that I lost 30000 souls :(

Haha, no prob. Man, 30K takes a while to get to. Lame that you lost it :(   Good luck!

Thank you! good luck to you too!

damn son 30,000k souls man!!! Man I would NEVER go to ANY new area with no more than 3k souls, if I got more than that, then, ima go and spend them before I go anywhere because I know im gonna lose them if I dont spend them.

What my plan was, was to spend 20000 for a key from the blacksmith and the rest for leveling up but I got stuck and couldn't get out till now. It saddens me. I defeated the Gaping dragon so I got 25000 while the rest was grinding.