The Depths to Blight Town.....Need help

Just beat the Gaping Dragon and went on to Blight town but I havent found any other way but to jump down and have to deal with the cursed Frogs. Now I havent had any trouble yet but as with everything in this game it only takes 1 slip up and your done. Now my question is I made it to blight town with 40k souls on me an 14 humanity points and died to some creature shooting blow darts at me while posined and 2 fattys on me.  Now I want to rescue my body but my last bonfire is in The Depths, is there any way to Blight town from The Depths without going thru the frogs ?


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Best way to deal with the frog area is to approach it by going through the drop that's hidden behind boxes right behind the table in that room where the Butcher was.  If you go down there, then use the ledge to kill the rat from range, and enter the sewer that way, the frogs never mob you.  You can alway lure them with bows and take them one on one.  You have to be careful, as always, but this route is nowhere as treacherous as falling through the grate.


Heh I wish people in game were this helpful.

Gotta love this here DS community! We got eachothers back. And no problem :)

My God thank you both.......Love this community I wasnt expecting an answer this fast if at all. Thank you.

Yes.  You should have gotten a key at some point (maybe from beating the dragon?)

Anyways, from the beginning of the Depths go to the first bonfire (the one just past those slimey things that drop from the roof and there is a zombie guy with a torch in front of it).  From that bonfire, take a right as you come out of the hall to the bonfire.  Now you're in that room where you could first see that giant rat thing.  There should be a ladder leading down hiding behind some smashable boxes.

Take the ladder and unlock that door.  That leads you straight down to where the merchant is and the entrance to Blight Town is right there.

Shortcuts FTW!

Yes there is. If coming from the Gaping dragon room, exit the way you ame go p the stairs, and to the right. You will find another staircase leading down, to where the merchant, and door to blighttown is. There is also an easier way into Blighttown. But you can only get there if you have the Master Key. If you have it, then go to the New Londo ruins, and go down and to the left. Travel to the other elevator, through the valley of Drakes. You cross a bridge, and enter an enclave to the right, and boo-ya Blighttown Back door. Only 3 trolls to deal with, then a series of ladders that lead ALL the way to the bottom, and Quelaag's domain.