The Definitive edtions!!

Since Tomb Raider: The Definitive edtion has been annouced! and it will run at native 1080p resolution and all textures "have been created at 4x resolution for maximum resolution and detail," plus characters, enemies and environments have been "enhanced for added depth and realism. Microsoft should do the same thing with Banjo, Perfect dark, Gears, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey! They should combined both Banjo 1 and Banjo 2 into one Definitive edtion. The same with  Perfect Dark: Zero and Perfect Dark together! Let 3rd parties help make these edtions! ( Like how Double Helix help with the new Killer Instinct ) Get Ninja Theory to help make the Defintive edtion of Banjo and Kazooie. ( also Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon ) Let Crytek ( or 343 Industries ) work on The Definitive edtion of Perfect Dark! Crytek is the next best bet! ( They know how to bring wonderful visuals to games! ) If anything Ryse is a stunning looking game! If Microsoft do get on these ideas. It would be so great of Microsoft to bring one ( or both ) Banjo and Kazooie and/or Perfect Dark Definitive edtion to the Xbox360!...oh! and wait till Epic is done with their projects to make a Definitive edtion of all 3 Gears of War games!...forget Judgement! These are my ideas I love to see ( and millions of gamers ) done in the future!


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The adds for that "Tomb Raider: Definative Edition" don't really look any different from the game I played on my XBox.

I getting this version too.

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were good games.  I've considered playing Lost Odyssey again and I only very rarely play games twice.  It's been a few years though.

Lost Odyssey is a game I just couldn't complete.


It's the single most depressing game I've ever played. Halfway through the 'dream' about a dying girl and I found myself subconsciously making myself a noose.

If you haven't played the new Tomb Raider game before buy it for $60 to support the franchise. If you played the game on PC or your looking to upgrade from the xbox 360, it really isn't worth it for that price. Your paying for a higher resolution and AMD TressFX technology which is just silly wait for a price drop.

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[quote user="LOL AT UR SKILL"]AMD TressFX technology[/quote]It's nice but actually off-putting for me.

The effect doesn't cover Lara's whole head of hair and so you have these brilliant parts that react to the environment and wind, but other parts that are still as solid as a rock.

I turned TressFX off on the PC version and didn't feel hard done by. 

I would think about getting this if I didn't only just play it this year, maybe in a few years when if there's nothing else to play.

I'm gonna Gamefly Tomb Raider. I already paid $60 for that game. Great game, but I won't be doing that again.

Pc players already got this version. Also, people who bought it already, do you really think playing it again with better graphics is worth it? I thought console gamers weren't graphics ***? that's for us PC elitists!

Id rather they put time into making a sequel

@Law212 I mean it's not really worth it to buy it again for graphics, but rather because what else is there to play? This re-release will be the second best game on next gen consoles after AC4, everything else was either crap or should have been delayed to avoid being crap. You can't patch away a bad first impression not in these circumstances.

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