The Definitive 2v2 Challenge Thread in lieu of Doubles being released.

Want to challenge another team?

Want to show that your the best team round this forum?

List your team here, (gamertag/teamname) and expect to be challenged.


so the 1v1 thread is changing to the definitive 2v2 thread. i think 7 pages and around 250 replies in the 1v1 thread ..... it should be allowed to fade away.. Unless anyone has a reason to challenge anyone in a 1v1.. its still in my SIGNATURE


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Jaximus Decimus and xBigEatSx are - THE DECIMATING EATERS

we challenge anyone who wants to play

Interesting, interesting.


I've never been a 2v2 player, really, and the people I play with aren't likely to be either, but I might see how it goes at some stage : )

Give me a week to flex the style then, I'll post up

2v2 is fun. let me tell you. its so much more fun than 1v1's and 4v4's and 8v8's   its based on teamwork.  if you do not have teamwork, you lose.  Bottom line.  (you need skill but its a whole new ballgame with 2v2's)

I suk at 2v2

It's not fun when I can't use Vision nor can I hear footsteps.

Just make sure you vote for Infinity Doubles and it plays just like Infinity Slayer with custom loadouts and armor abilities. Also, I notice about half the time in pro doubles I don't hear people's footsteps. Not sure why, but it's pretty spotty. Not being able to hear callouts really sucks, though.

I'm 3-2 so far.  2 of them had reallly bad lag.  I find that surprising that it can't match me up with other Texans or states that border me.  And only one of them has been a non pro match.

But I voted for the pro matches on Haven.  I like how they added mini man cannons to the gaps on the side.

yeah those mini cannons help out alot, and screw u over too.   overall i am pleased with doubles.