Why is the defense so awful?? This is the worst Madden defensively EVER!! PLEASE FIX IT!!


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Yes defense can be at times terrible.  I think you'll need to adjust the sliders for the CPU, quarterbacks are very accurate in this game.

Learn to adjust. it's pretty simple.... adjustments are key. Stock defenses are too easy to recognize and beat but if you disguise them or adjust them you'll do fine.  

It's pretty simple... I rolled Swauny Janes for 50+ points with the Browns baby!

Why you trolling bro?? We haven't even played. No way in hell you'd be able to put that much points on me let alone beat me... feel free to invite me to a game though if that's what you're looking for...

did he send invite ?

Nope. kid just talks crap. he knows better then to try me

Never heard of you before kid.