The Darkness II (Limited Edition)

Lets get straight to the point, I want to discuss the above listed game in the title of this post with you all. I honestly think that for the amount I paid for this limited edition package at Wal-Mart was an amazing deal to say the least. It comes with 2 download vouchers, one for DLC and one for free comics on which includes the first two editions of the series! The gameplay is incredible considering you can just jump right in and start a demonic rampage against anyone in your path and I also like the twists and turns the game takes along the way! If any of you would be so kind as to share your thoughts and opinions on this game feel free, even if you only have the regular edition of the game.


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I'm probably in the minority here, but i found it a better game than the first(except in the story department.) Explaining why, though, would require me going to exhausting detail that I am saving for another time.

I enjoyed both games realy..I liked the story in the 1st game much more thow.But being able to control your little Minnion is awsome and his funny as hell.Love when he takes a pee on people lol...Good game,good replay value as well...I havent played it in awhile.Might throw it in and clear some chivos up,..

While I agree the story in the first game was better, the story in the second was still very good. I also thought the gameplay was much better in the second game. Using weapons and powers in tandem was a lot of fun. The co-op mode felt pretty tacked on, but the games only real short coming was, well, how short it was. It did have some replay value, though. So overall it was a great game.

The only few flaws was, to point out, the short length of the game and the lack of a multiplayer.

I really liked it even though I'm not a fan of cell shading. The first was a lot better in my opinion, but that is because Starbreeze is my favorite developer.


I enjoyed the sequel more, I liked the cell shaded style for it better than the style in the first, but I also enjoyed the small amount of free roam in the first a bit more.