the crybabies win

For all those cry baby complainers who kept saying "Everyone uses the sawed off!" and "the sawed off is cheap and needs to be nerfed" You have won... and now as most of you know Epic has reduced the gib range on the weapon. Congrats! Oh but wait...... epic also released stats on primary weapon downs and kills and the sawed off wasn't even close to being the most effective weapon for kills. Gnasher accounts for 45% of kills in TDM while the sawed off was only 27%. so I guess the majority of people learned the easy methods of countering the sawed off, while you complaining noobs ended up getting what you wanted anyways and now have epic changing weapon stats vie their servers. Great work


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I admit I hated the sawed off early on, I was getting destroyed with it on a constant basis, but I've learned how to counter it a bit better, I've started to love the Retro Lancer lately.  I never thought they needed to nerf the sawed off but some people just can't get over the fact that they suck and will blame whatever they can on anyone but themselves.

true dat crazyninja

You should see all the cry babies on the EPIC forums....

Yea I've seen them and it is sad. Oh, so sad.


Give it a sec. There will be a bunch of post coming p.issing and moaning about something else. I dont really care I rarely use it, but I did just play a KOTH match and got nailed by it twice, and it was the same dude not even going for the ring and hanging out crouched by our spawn waiting for us run by, but I caught on and nailed him after that. This game is always about adapting to what is going on in each different game, its not at all like COD where each match is very predictable no matter how good you are. In Gears there is always someone that can *** up your routine, you have to be able to switch up your game, and thats why there will always be noobs on these forums crying.....The end.

I think the best thing about this new game is that there connection problems seem to be gone, making any weapon finally fair game.

The problem is that the people who used nothing but the Gnasher do not know how to adapt.  They are stuck in a one-dimensional play style.  

I pretty much agree with everyone's opinions thus far in here. It is REALLY sad about the community and their reaction to the SoS. Although i personally despise the weapon myself, it doesnt make me complain about it, i just counter it with the retro, via flanking or range maneveurs, before they even get close enough to use it.


 I especially agree with shakesth3clown1's idea, not everyone is willing to accept different tactical strategies unlike CoD where it just straight up run and gun and race against who can pull the trigger faster. Gears 3 is FINALLY the game it should have been years ago:


-Dedicated Servers eliminates the excuse of blaming "Lag"


-Addition of the retro lancer gives an answer to shotgun rushers


-The Gnasher has always been the overall better weapon in the SoS vs Gnasher debate, but people dont want to learn how to use it


If i were to sum this all up......just GET GUD complainers and fight your problems out.....virtually of course, lol

Nerfing it won't really do anything. People will still hide around corners with it.

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