the crusader looks awesome!

i cant wait for ROS and the nee crusader character. it's basically a D3 paladin, plus more. i just watched some videos and the abilities are sweet! im sure blizzard will take its time releasing it but im still fired up. has anyone checked it out yet? it's gonna be hard for me to give that toon a rest once i start. FOH is back and it looks incredible!

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Blizzard has not yet confirmed that ROS will even be available on console.

well if they do it for pc and not xbox ill be pissed, but ill still play lol.  but that would be dumb because they already shook off a lot of players killing off the auction house, so it seems like they would want to keep everyone happy to the best of their ability.  then again, those guys are loaded and probably dont care anyway lol

While they haven't confirmed it, it's pretty obvious they're going to release it on console. It's going to be a good little while, though.