The Crow...

Do I need to do something in particular before I can trade with it?


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Nope, you can just drop your item into its nest.  Quit the game and reload and the new item should be in the nest.

The items vanish and nothing is in the nest when I return to the game...

Are you going to the big crow, or the small one back in the VERY beginning?

The big one at firelink...

wrong crow. Lay in his nest, then the screen will go black. He will take you to the beginning of the game. Go down the path until some zombies attack you kill them all. To your left there will be a trail that leads you to a small crow you will ask you to give him "soft warm things". This is where you want to drop your items to trade, and then follow what Coy said.

Massive thanks to you!

Not a problem, enjoy!

Anyone know what he'll give you for the Gargoyle Tail Axe?