The Companions....(SPOILER)

Who else decided to become a werewolf through the companions? It's pretty awesome to be able to change into one and rip everyone apart when you want. Only downside seems to be that you cant get well rested from sleeping.


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yeah its pretty good, even better if you have a high skill in one handed weapons, increases damage as a werewolf. i came out of some random dungeon to get randomly ambushed by a dragon, i was talking to my companion or something and just saw the shadow on the floor, he was in large open planes so he was flying around everywhere, couldnt really keep up, needless to say chasing down a dragon as a wolf with epic music going on is pretty amazing. sadly he didnt land enough times while i was still a wolf for me to cause major damage as a wolf, which could be cool, i wonder if wolfs have a finishing move on a dragon? lol

Thats good since I've been sinking alot of points in one handed weapons. Next time I find a dragon and get it on the ground im going to finish it off as a werewolf to see what happens.