The Community Score Duel

We've done this before, under I don't know what name, in Rock Band 2. Unfortunately, I don't know what the interest level would be, and with pro instruments, I really don't know how we will work it this time around.


Basically, I (or whoever) pick a song for a specific instrument. Everybody who wishes to participate plays said song on said instrument. Everybody has a week to play that song, and I will use to verify scores. You can post pictures of the score, make a video of the score, or just post here saying "I played ______ on _____." Either way, just make sure I know that you entered for a specific instrument, or your score won't be counted.


There will not be prizes, unless somebody steps up to the plate and has something to give away. This is purely for fun, as far as I am concerned, and can be a fun competition/gauge of your skill in comparison to the other forum users.


I will not be choosing extremely obscure songs for this. However, I will not be choosing on-disc songs (maybe a few VERY minor exceptions along the way). I understand that not everybody is made of money and has the ability to get EVERY song in the marketplace. I will take that into consideration in the song choices, as they will be rather popular songs that people (for the most part) will own if they are a DLC buyer. Don't worry, Toby Keith will not be required for this competition (much to my chagrin :P).


Now, for the fun stuffs.


1) Who would participate? It doesn't even matter if you have never posted in this forum. Heck, JPrez could come in here and enter on guitar if he wanted to. If you're a lurker and you just want to get in on some friendly competition, feel free to do so!

2) How should drum scores be decided? This is the only problem I've run into, as pro players receive a significantly higher score than regular drummers. Should I compensate by leaderboard rankings, percentage of notes, or just make two separate rankings? I mean, I don't expect a ton of people to get in on this, so it would be kind of weird if we had like 4 pro drum scores then 2 regular drum scores. :P



Yeah. k. Thanks. Hopefully this works out, even though the RB forums are kinda dead compared to what we are used to from RB2.


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Maybe you could do two instruments per week. 3-4 song sets. The biggest issue is the lack of DLC.

Yeah i was the one who did this in RB2 but i got too lazy to do it.

And i have to completely agree with Xemplify i tried regular drums again recently and its just not as fun as pro.

^ Yes, I think it was Magic that did this, or somebody, but this is the exact RB3 replica of that pretty much. I think we pretty much have to do pro drums to let the pro players have some fun in this too. I've been playing pro for 3 weeks or so now, and just had to return my cymbals due to the sensor not working. Going back to regular drums is not fun at all. It's too easy now. :( That said, I will still find a way to take into account different drum sets. I'd recommend if you have 2 cymbals that you play on the regular drums section if one ends up existing.

I'm in... if this ever actually takes off. I don't think you should do pro-drums. Because I only have two cymbals. I think that's cheating, IMO. Unfair advantages, you know.

Didn't Magic do this some time ago?

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I'll be sure to do an occasional pro keys. The only reason I hesitate is that I've noticed the pro keys community to be... lacking, in members. :P


I know thats why i have a chance of winning lol.

@Piggy - I was going to do one song per instrument, which I think would defeat the purpose of a battle. What I would do is like a 4 song setlist each week for specific instruments, but that would mean that somebody who only plays one instrument would have to sit out of this 3 or 4 weeks in a row before they get to compete again.

I'll be sure to do an occasional pro keys. The only reason I hesitate is that I've noticed the pro keys community to be... lacking, in members. :P

sign me up, as long as theres a pro-keys duel every once in a while cause its my only chance of beating anyone lol.

as for drums. Ask everyone wh signs up to tell you if they have pro or not and if there is over like 3 for both then do both but if there is significantly more that has one or the other then just do that one.

I can play pro-drums

With the new battle system, it's pretty easy to set up a community duel.

I play in the TrueAchievement battles all the time. They usually set up a battle for each instrument and pick common DLC/on-disc/imports between the participating players.