The Call Of Duty Conspiracy

What if lag compensation was added so that people who dont have highspeed internet connections keep spending money on Cod games until those who can are done buying Cod games to begin with?


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I don't understand what your saying.

I just read "I'm mad about the lag in this game".


Calling lag compensation a "conspiracy" - possibly the dumbest thing I've read on these forums.

The first time I see a conspiracy theorist here...

the lag is just there you gotta deal with it. i agree it is annoying but hey the kids with horrible internet need to be able to have some sort of an advantage. :)

I agree all games lag but this game's lag comp is too much. Its as if those of us who pay good $$$ to have high speeds and low pings are somehow punished in favor of those who have DSL or are stealing their neighbor's wi-fi. Its not as bad on the PS3 for some reason. Yes I have both.

This game is definately too laggy.

even though i just said it was not too bad but still.

Just lower your upload speed on your router...I dropped my upload speed to the bare minimum needed for XBL and the lag went away for the most part.

Could you give me a quickie on how to do that?

log into your router and look under the QoS section.  Most of the time there is an upload bandwidth option.  Change it from auto to manual.  Set your speed for something like 300-500Kbps. XBL requires a highspeed connection; high speed is define as anything over 200Kbps.  Keep in mind this will effect everything on your network when trying to upload.


    I wouldnt call it a conspiracy, but sure, I'd say its there to help sales. People are more likely to buy if they know the issues are being dealt with ........ even if not solved.

Lag compensation has been there for years ........... the problem I believe is with all the complaints with host advantage in previous releases.

    I think they attempted to deal with that a little more. So people who have always gotten host a lot are just used to being godlike when they did.

    Something else to point out ............... I have read some posts from people with bost systems say ps3 is better than xbox, and some say xbox is better than ps3.   This leads me to believe that there is more to it than just the lag compensation. I'm not saying there isnt an issue with it , just that there may be more things at play, but the lag compensation gets all the blame.

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