The bloody wolf!

Yeah so trying to beat this damned wolf, and finding it incredibly difficult. 

I'm a level 42 knight with stone armour, mainly close range.

Does anybody have any tips? or would wish to do co-op?


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You can fight this boss later if you like as well. I'm all the way up in the duke's archive and I haven't fought him yet.

Check out EpicNameBro's SL30 vid, his strategy is decent and easy to replicate.

I did Sif quite early in the game too and had problems beating him. I guess I also used the Stone Armor. And my Drake Sword, as I had nothing better at that moment.

Best advice (if you want to beat him now and not save that fight for later) is lots of patience. I died there many times and wasn't close to beating him even once.

...until I said to myself "once more with patience!"

And that took it's time but worked pretty fine.

I'd suggest walking away from him instead of walking towards him. This way it's easier to avoid his double spin, which usually takes away your stamina AND your HP in one attack.

I only used one of his moves for my attacks:

He starts with a swipe from right to left (your point of view, not his), does one from left to right after that and finishes with a ground smash. Moving backwards will make you completely avoid the first slash. Start approaching his belly during his second swipe with shields up and you'll end up right underneath him before his 3rd strike givin you time to bring in 1 or 2 hits now, before he'll jump away again.

As I said, this will take time (I think my fight lasted 10-15 mins) and patience, but this early it was - at least for me - the only possible way to beat him.

he hates fire. that really does damage to him.

I stayed away until he jumped on top of me and then I used Fireball and Fire Orb. Make sure you lock on. My pyromancy glove was a +15. I farmed souls til I had enough to ascend it that high. After that I finished him off with the Drake sword. It took me about 20 to 30 tries to beat him.

Just don't rush in on him, but if you do, stay under him. When he jumps away, don't chase him, wait til he charges you again.


you know you can ascend that +15 to a new glove and take that to +5 makes the old +15 look feeble.

How do I ascend it higher?  When I go back to the guy at Firlink Shrine it says I can't ascend it further.


There is a woman down at the bottom of blighttown near one of the large pillars/struts.

facing the 3 rock throwing guys leading upto quelaags lair depending on how far you are into the game she may or may not be there though.

Thats the chaos glove. Its more powerful than the pyromancy glove. Look it up on google for more info about it as it requires a few things you must do before the person who can asend it will appear.

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