The Biggest game of the year comes out this week! I can't wait!

Skyrim is going to be amazing!!


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ROFL.....Well done sir. Though I do agree, MW3 will also be epic so long as they get rid of the hackers.

when i saw this post on the menu i thought what a sad im do know you're going to upset the fanboys with this..prepare for an onslaught.

ps. dont mention bf3..they will hunt you down.

Skyrim could be good.  I think its getting a bit overhyped imo.  Oblivion, for example, was an "open world rpg" but your actions hardly affected anything.  Felt dead to me.

This is the best thread in this fanboy COD forum world.

Skyrim is going to be brilliant im sure.  Bring on Skyrim!!!

Haha, this made my day.

What is skyrim?  Is that roleplaying u nerds like to do?

Nice. Skyrim will be a classic, that's for sure. The release date doesn't matter much to me though because unlike CoD, it doesn't get worse and worse the longer that the game has been out.

Saw that one coming. haha