The best gun in Zombies?

Everyone knows that the Ray Gun is good, but what is your favorite "conventional" zombie killing weapon? Mine has to be the Five-Seven. It's a one shot headshot like forever.


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Le RPD. I always seem to get it every game. It's good for mowing down a train of zombies fo sho.

Yeah, but it runs out of ammo. When you get into the high teens and twenties you need an ammo conserver. The LMGs in zombies suck this time around.

I'm pretty conservative with ammo so I can last pretty well until a max ammo drops. You just gotta circle and form a train. Then blast away at their heads. Works every time. =)

But I'm always the only one alive. Like serously. Every damn time. I end up having to trade my pack a punched guns for wall guns because no one else is killing zombies.

the double barrel is awesome at first then i like to move on to a nice heavy machine gun or even that double shot shotgun joint. it just runs out way too fast thank god for maX ammos and instakills lolz.

oh and nobody seems to revive me i think its because my score and kills are way higher usually... i dont know haha. it sux tho for sure. someone wanna play 4 real sometime? barn survival is hella groovy.