The best fix for the cheapest tactic in PVP.

All they need to do to fix the Ring of Fog is make it so the person using it cannot lock onto targets.

This is bullcrap


 I almost (really really really f-ing close) beat some pile of human excrement that was invading near the bell tower in the undead parish.(so he could beat up on noobs and people that just started a new character)

 I was just about to summon Solar when he invaded me (red phantom somehow with NO invasion warning). He swung his Queelagg's sword at me strafing my path with his shield up like the sack sucking, knob caressing, turd he is. I fought back as best as I could given I was armed with a lowly +1 scimitar. I managed to drain his life to less than 5%.

 So before anyone say's learn to fight withought lock on I will just say I out fought him on every level. It was his insainly powerful sword that eventually got me. And to be honest if he didn't have a lock on me so he could backpedal with his shield up I would have killed him.

Sorry for the rant but untill this gets patched no one is going to have any fun with the PVP aspect of this game.


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What I want to know is how they get that stuff at such low levels?  I am guessing you can trade items between characters?  But how do they get into those factions so early?

I got the fog ring at level 20 or 30. It's not hard to join a covenant and simply kill 3 people trespassing in the forest. Especially when it can call multiple people to kill the guy.

But I had some guy invading me at the gargoyles at level 11, he had toxic mist, the dead finger thing and I assume a regular red eye as he invaded me twice, i killed him both times but still.

Hmm, maybe invaders don't have to be a certain level? That wouldn't make much sense, but there are people who beat the game at SL 18.

fog ring is getting changed next patch, people are saying you'll be able to lock on, its not a cheap pvp tactic at level 11 in the bell tower, thats just someone trolling low level characters, pvp is a bit higher level, dark anor londo/the kiln ect. the kiln is the place for proper pvp, not many fog users.

if you think ring of fog is cheap, wait for wrath of god AND tranquil walk of peace, or how about invincibility?

Hope u feel better op!! My fave thing to do when i invade is to nail 'em w/ 4 soul spears while they're bowing at me. Then I dance on their corpse!! Buahahahaaa!! Nah, i aint cheap like that....only kid!!

I got a little something for them fog ring users called.........crystal homing soulmass. and yes, they DO lock on to a fog of ring user, but they have to get close like striking distance close. and at that distance, those missles aint missing.

soul mass is pretty easy to dodge, flip ring is great. i just wait until they burn out all their spells.

"its not a cheap pvp tactic at level 11"

Yes it is. It's called taking advantige of  low level players that haven't got acess to any good gear yet.

And the while someone using Wrath of God's can be pelted from afar with lighting spear or some such, and Walk of Tranquility can be "countered" with Iron Flesh (come on over because you can't hurt me). The Ring of Fog dosen't have any true counter. And the ONLY spells for caster that has a chance of hitting are the one's that have a 1-2 uses because they are area of affect or the Homing Missles.

The main problem with the Ring of Fog is there is no way to move away from the user without exposing yourelf to a backstab. And if you rush them they you open yourself up to whatever nasty surprises they have because they are expecting that (poison mist/acid anyone? or how about greater combustion or just a simple hard hitting weapon)

Want to win 100% of the time? Go to a lower level area put on Ring of Fog and circle strafe a person until you see an opening then backstab the sh!t out of them. It's called being a cheap f**k.

I only use it when invaded. Why? Because you invaded me, not the other way around. I don't see why I should be throwing myself in the open if you're attempting to come kill me. The times I have invaded others, I run to look for them without the ring on. I've only had one person actually leave my world for getting  bored of looking for me. I love Anor Londo's hiding spots.

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