The battle with the bulge.

Im level 35. Carry capacity of 405. Im still overweighting!  I carry very little food, a good number of potions, no books, some misc, and only wear my theives armour.

I do carry a battleaxe, ebony sword, glass bow, glass axe.  I would like to know what all of you are carrying around on your missions. I find this very frustrating but am paranoid to leave to much stuff in storage.


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You need to enchant a WEIGHT ring and WEIGHT necklace.  WHen you are overweight you can just put those on as an emergency.  You can also enchant some for your follower.    Or if you just needed to transfter some loot from one place to another you could enchant a ring, necklace,  gloves, and boots.  For you and your follower. 

I have about 575 carry with the steed stone. I also run out of room constantly but I do loot pretty much anything worth more than 50 gold. It sounds like you're main problem is having too many weapons(or too many heavy weapons) and too many potions. I wouldn't worry about storing them I cram my containers full of stuff and so far nothing bad has happened to them.

I'm wearing heavy armor, have a capacity of about 360, but leave the house at around 215. You're probably carrying one more weapon than you really need. For weapons I only carry three at a time, a bow and one each of a one and two handed weapon. But I use a follower to carry quite a bit for me. Most times between the two of us we can clean out a large dungeon and not have to travel back. Try bringing less potions with you. Also when grabbing loot try to grab only the stuff that is worthwhile carrying. When starting out I only take stuff with a 5/1 gold to weight ratio or higher. Then bump it up to 10/1 when i start acquiring better stuff. Then later when gold becomes less if a problem I'll only touch stuff 25/1 or higher which allows me to go on longer missions without returning to offload.  

Im not using a carrier, they just seem to wind up dead.  I roll alone....

As for enchanting, I am wearing boots that give me 25% carry capacity, but will look into enchanting a ring or necklace to gain more. I am also thinking one, two handed weapon will suffice

Look into getting a house! You can store your things there and you won't have to worry about anyone stealing it.


I've never had a problem with items disappearing in any of Bethesda's games. I wouldn't be too paranoid!

I use the steed stone i think its called. Weight limit is 420.

Do people really need that much weight? I leave the House with about 90 or so it's never an issue. I can only hold about 330 max as well and I rarely have problems with being Over-encumbered?

^same as above, usually leave house with 90ish, thats 2 weapons, potions, ect. heavy armor weighs nothing when equipped using the steed stone.

"I do carry a battleaxe, ebony sword, glass bow, glass axe."


One of your weapons here is unnecessary. I personally carry my armour, a sword, shield and bow (with a two handed sword once I get a nice one I like) and some other stuff and I leave the house with 100/110 pounds and 540 capacity, no Steed Stone here.

I only carry what I need and the rest of my weight goes on valuable loot either to sell or store. The items that I permanently carry are my: 1 handed weapon with shield, bow and arrows, full set of heavy armor, usually only 10 potions of health, magika and stamina + a few other convenient potions, A few assortments of skill boosting jewlery to wear for a boost when needed


With those few things that takes my weight to about 175/350 which leaves some room for loot. Aswell as giving my follower some which normally consists of animal pelts for leather and metal ores for ingots to raise my smithing.