The Azura Lovefest continues (shrine of Azura statue)


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Wow, she's beautiful, if a bit pricey. I do admit Azura has been my prince since Morrowind (though it is strange to talk of a prince when she is always depicted as a she).

I would take one if she were the size of the statue near Saarthal. She would look great on the front lawn, and there would be a lot less grass to cut. Azura and Nocturnal are Daedric hotties, both are welcome on my property.


This had better be made out of platinum and Todd Howard's tears for it to be worth that much.

That's actually about right for a statue that size. You should see what anime figures much smaller go for. They are beautiful but ought to be porcelain at the price.

Geddy, I think maybe the full size of the Skyrim ladies might overwhelm your house but you would definitely be on all the tours. I'd cut down all the trees on my back acre if I could have an Azura shrine back there.

Tour? Do tell, I like the sound of that! I could sit on the porch in my skivvies and throw stuff at the passers by. Light them up at Christmas to blaring Trans Siberian Orchestra songs. All the shade in the summer would be great too.  

Seriously tho, the kids would love that.