The AI in this game is unacceptable.

I'm so *** sick of *** like this happening every *** game.

I'm sick of it. Every single game I play, *** like this happens. No matter what. I'm playing on All-Star, but this is just unbelievable, and disgusting.


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I'm sick of trying to break out with a defense and the winger on your side just stopping.  Or the forwards not filling in the wing on your side forcing you to attempt a pass through the entire other team cause all of your forwards are huddled in the middle of the ice for who knows what reason.  Even after changing the aggression and breakouts, they are just stupid.



Really think I may have to sell this game, and I've only had it about a week.

So you're mad because you can't score and the Cpu does on limited chances? So if the Cpu was an as incapable of scoring as you, then it would be Ok? This happens in reality  as well you know. Anyways if dumbing the down the Cpu is what you want, lower it's shot accuracy. To help prevent late rallies and such, tune down the Cpu Difficulty and AI Learning.

Yes AI is being a bum, reason why I went back to NHL 10 (NHL 11 sucked too, sold it last spring after hardly playing it).  I don't have much hope in EA fixing it since they didn't do much with NHL 11.

OrdealbyFire, I see that you own NHL 12. :P

savoie - it really is that bad, it's not just bad players.  The AI just absolutely blows.  In my EASHL club, they consistently pass back into the D zone from the offensive blue line, have passed to my goalie from the neutral zone.  It's just bad. Luckily, i don't play EASHL or BAP very much. Mostly HUT and Online Versus