The absolute WEIRDEST problem ever. PLEASE help.

I would have posted this on the Xbox support forums but the problem only occurs when playing this game.  


Ok, when playing Black Ops a few days ago at my girlfriends, the controller would disconnect every 2 seconds during playtime or just navigating the menus.  At first I thought maybe she had a bad battery or something, so we didn't really look much further into it, we just ended up replacing it with my rechargable pack for the time being.  I just got a call from her now that I'm back home and she is having the problem yet again.  Only this time she's using new batteries and even tested it with other games like, Madden, where she and her cousin were able to play continuously for over an hour with no problems.  She then tested it with Netflix and browsing through the dashboard, yet again, no problems.


So she booted up Black Ops again and sure enough, controller disconnects instantly.  I for one have never heard of this problem and it's kinda freakin me out. lol.  Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?  I would very much appreciate any insight.  Thanks.


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Not sure really, maybe try to "link" the controller to the system again. Push the small button on the front of the controller, and maybe theres a small one on the console too, dunno.

I should have mentioned that I did try that, a few times actually.  Still got nothing from it.

So no body has any ideas?  I'm pretty stumped here.

Maybe the battery "case" isnt giving a good tight seal and the connection is lost? Try swapping the battery holders on two different controllers.

We have done that and there's no way that's the case anyways.  She was able to do everything else, except play Black Ops.  It's only when that game is booted up, the controller freaks out.  But we did try that several times and still Black Ops is the only thing that rejects it.