The ability to start another playthrough with the same character...

Skyrim is such a massive game and almost seems endless. But even though there is none stop activity going on, it can still get dull or quiet at times. There is that feeling of being lost in the game and have no idea what to do next. And leveling up turns into boosting those skills you dislike to get to level 81. Lacking a lot of fun really. What if there was the ability to start another playthrough, with the SAME exact character, same level and skill progress, and whatever loot you have with you? You still have your house and all of your items in it (excluding your husband/wife). I know it sounds weird, when you can try a whole other playthrough, but sometimes we grow attached to that amazing character we've created. Imagine, you make such a brilliant character with such great looks, powers, weapons, but eventually realize it will end one day? That's how I felt when I made my Imperial, he was such a good character, and now I have done a lot in the game to where I had to make another character. And that character is a super awesome Breton! I just wish we can go through the entire experience again as that same character and get that same feeling of the Dragonborn again. And it can make leveling those skills a heck a lot easier. Would you like such a feature in a game? (This gave Mass Effect a lot of replay value as well).


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I wouldn't use it much myself, since I prefer early-game gameplay, but if they found a way to re-level all opponents appropriately so that you were never overpowered, I'd be very interested.