The 909Crew Clan


Who We Are:
We are a relatively new clan on PS3 and Xbox who's focus is mostly objective gameplay including Domination, HQ, Demolition, and CTF. Our team is more about teamwork and winning than amount of kills. We have 30+ Black Ops members at the moment on PS3 and we just started up on Xbox. We are actively clan battling and looking for tournaments as well as we just started up on GB. We also have a fully customizable site that is coded by us so there is no limitations to what we can do.

What We Offer:
-A competitive environment (GameBattles and Clan Battles).
-Forums as our source of communication.
-Family-like setup. We are not just your clan, we are friends.
-Game Nights (These are random nights where we as a clan play games separate to what we normally play just to relax. It could range from another FPS to Playstation Home!)

Join Requirements:
-K/D over 1.20
-Have a working mic
-Able to register on our forums.
-Be able to play during EST afternoons and attend scheduled playing times.
-... Profit? (Southpark joke)
- Is willing to do what it takes to win! (no hacking)
-Request Gingy52 or Woahitzme on PSN
-Request Dasbomba147 on Xbox

So why not leave a reply here with your:
Favorite Game Mode:
Playing Type (Sniper, rusher, etc):

Thank you for viewing the 909Crew Recruitment thread! Please visit our site!


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