The 4th carmine

Was just thinking, if carmine is voted to survive it would be the first gears no carmine died in, but it seems to be the running joke to kill one in every game. I wonder if the fourth carmine shows up says, "hi i'm D. carmine" and instantly meets a horrible death. Opinions?


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Kill him in the credits.

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Kill him in the credits.

[/quote]Rumor mill says this. Since Epic said that C. Carmine will "survive until the credits roll", people are speculating that they're gonna play it dirty and kill him off in a post-credit cutscene. 

he shall survive... he's been staying alive this long, right? just like the underground disco scene...

I think what ever they do next will have the 4th carmine in it. That or when u meet Clay he might tell u what happened to the other.

epic should make a gears four where there happends to be locust on a near by planet that come and thats when the forth carmine comes in

They should make a chapter called "Saving Private Carmine".