The 4fterShocks

Currently we're just a group of High School friends that love gaming. We have no rank structure or higherarchy, but we consider Mr 4fterShock to be the leader considering he is the founder. We have no specific game we play, like COD or Halo, we just play any games we have, competetivley or just for fun. We have no regulations regarding when you need to be online, if you need a mic, and other BS like that. We don't require a gamertag change, but if you can it'd be nice, if not just mention your membership it some where in your bio or motto. If you'd like to join just message the following gamertags.

AMPD 4fterShock (I'd highly recommend it since I'm the one that's online the most.)

Mr 4fterShock (Founder/Leader)

The 4ftershock

Lord 4ftershock

Just tell us who you are and what games you like to play. And if at any moment you want to leave, you're free to do so. We allow double-clanning, you don't need a mic to join, and you don't need a specific skill level to join. We rarely compete with other clans. The things we don't tolerate are people that have big mouths with nothing to back it up, so make sure you get into fights you can win, and if you are beaten make sure you aren't a sore loser, we all lose once and a while and people that say they don't are too dense to realize how stupid they truly are. We respect everybody even if they are jerks. We are a very loose group of people so if you're looking for a clan that doesn't have very many requirements, your best bet would be to join up with us. And for all you trolls that are just going to say that we suck or tell us how superior your clan is, don't expect to get a response out of me or any of the other 4fterShocks. We really don't care for trolls or trash talkers, troll all you want you'll just be wasting your time.


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(Sorry about double post) For all of you that are wondering, we do have an age limit. Currently it's at 15+. We won't tolerate people with annoying swears, raging problems, and playing music over the mic. Those that do are kicked out, if you want to get rid of a member you can call a vote to kick a member out of the group. All members most vote yes to kick a member out of the group. But the original 4fterShocks (Mr 4fterShock, AMPD 4fterShock, The 4ftershock, Lord 4fterShock)  have the power to kick out a member without needing to call a vote. Sorry about not mentioning this in the first post.