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47 posts in Fable the journey section? does anyone actually play this game? 

I just got it today and no one on my friend list plays it so 


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I got it but haven't played it since finishing story mode. Think I'm the only person on my friends list to have the game as well and word is its bombed so far at retail.

People might pick it up when its dirt cheap [i got it half price] as its simply not worth the full price it started off as.

If you want someone to compare scores with in arcade mode just send me a FR.

I bought it full price lol I wanted it before but assassins creed III and Halo 4 was more important :p

Funny thing is i would say this rail shooter has a better story than the 3 main games.

The reason there aren't many people posting here is that too many people see the word "Kinect" and instantly switch off their brain. They turn on auto-hate mode and completely refuse to acknowledge that it could be a decent game.


And in my opinion, it's a great game. I'm a huge Fable fan and of course was worried when this was announced - but I took the risk (as did Lionhead in making it) and I love it. Great graphics, brilliant atmosphere, and as Baihu1983 said, the story is told in a better way than the main Fable series is.


But that's how it goes. People are stuck in their ways, they refuse to try something different. They constantly bicker about how things have to stay the same, because they hate change. Yet when standard sequels are announced they then bicker about how it's boring and repetitive.


I do wish more people played this game, and enjoyed it for what it is: a great little "side-quest" in the Fable Universe - just as Fable: Pub Games, Fable: Coin Golf and Fable: Heroes have been. But some people simply won't budge. Oh well, they're missing out!

Kinect is awesome. Kinect is great. People are just oldschool :p

The one problem Mr XBob is last i checked Kinect has sold 20M but for some reason games are not selling. What was the last decent seller? Star Wars?

Its a problem MS have and I'm not sure they will be able to fix it. I enjoy my Kinect but if things carry on the games will stop coming.

Journey was not helped by what appears to be 0 advertising from MS? Not seen a single tv ad for it.

Baihu, that is true - although Kinect is (still) the biggest and fastest selling gadget of all time, developers have no real incentive to build for it right now.


This will all be resolved when the next Xbox is launched, as long as the rumours are true (That "Kinect 2" is being bundled with every single console) - because the main reason not many games get made for Kinect is that the developers don't have a guaranteed audience like they do with a regular Xbox 360 game. They can't be sure that the people they're aiming the game at even has a kinect sensor. It's too risky for them to bother, so they don't.

To be honest i think if MS force Kinect on people that will just put people off. Too many simply don't want motion control.

IMO MS would be better off keeping it separate for those that want motion games and maybe at most have voice and hand gestures built into the console.

The motion craze has died down and i don't see it being like it was for the Wii again.

It's not about forcing anything. It'll still be up to the player if they actually choose to use it - but this way they get it free (hence can't complain - although I'm sure a lot of them will. But that's how it is with self-entitled and overly opinionated gamers these days) and the developers have a guaranteed user base with which they can decide to market a game towards.


People aren't over motion control, it's just that it's never used in a way most gamers would like. It's never used in "proper" games correctly. Because developers know it's easier to push out a stupid mini game collection for the types of people who love that.


Keeping Kinect as a separate accessory will simply kill it off for good. Bundling it will spur development. Not to mention it's not just for motion control - a lot of "hardcore" (hate that term) games now have Kinect voice functions, and people are always complaining because they'd love to use it but don't want to buy Kinect.

I liked to scan enemies in Halo Anniversary and to tell the game to throw granades. that was really fun so i would love to have more Kinect comments and i would like if the Kinect talk back or being my Ai giving me fedback how to beat the enemy better