that's it!?!?

This isn't a complete troll thread as I thought the campaign had some great moments (diving cover to cover from the plane in "between a rock and a hard place" was immense) and DICE have set a new standard for graphics on the XBOX. However what the hell is with that ending? I didn't wait for the credits to end because I didn't really care if he shot himself or not. But for the whole campaign I was looking foreward to the NYC section, I sat through the most baron plot and tedious night levels so I could see NYC in Frostbite 2 glory and all I got was a 2 second long carchase and a silly fight in the middle of Times Square!? Also, where was that section shown in all the trailers where your squad jumps off the cliff (no i don't mean the MP one) !?!? false advertising! lol. I don't regret my purchase but I do think this game was not finished and was shipped early to compete with MW3. Still the best looking and sounding game on Xbox though


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Simply put the campaign was awful. Multiplayer shows a lacking of polish and game design.

I'm sorry, but a Tactical Flashlight in Midday will not blind you, especially from 20 or 30 feet away.

And the glint off a snipers scope in the tunnels in Operation Metro?

Please, this is just *** game development.