That Moment When You Think, "Wow, I am a Bad Quantum Singularity."

What was the moment when you think to yourself, Wow I am a ****. When your character is what you want it to be and you realize how awesome you are?

Mine was when I entered a Forsworn Camp while a Blood Dragon was attacking. I snuck through the camp slitting the throats of the Forsworn while they killed the dragon. Soon, there was just one left. When they finished off the dragon, I slit his throat too. I was not ever detected. i killed all of them in one swipe. I never felt so cool haha

What are your guys' awesome moments? 


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After avoiding the heck out of Giants after my first experience removed me from Tamriel I decided to see how my character would fair against them now that I'd leveled at bit (was somewhere in high 20's low 30's I believe).

Anyway, I went out found a Giant, ran up to him, slashed him, avoided his club, then slashed him two more times before watching him fall, unscathed and unwinded.  It was then I knew I could handle anything from here on out.

I've felt that way numerous times, only to be quickly dispatched by something unexpected. The worst surprise like that was with one of those briarheart guys. I'd been slicing through enemies like they were butter. Then I ran into a briarheart that killed me instantly with one blow.  Be careful in this game, don't get too cocky.

Briarhearts are scary... But even they cannot stand a dagger in the back with a x30 damage multiplier... As long as I stay hidden they are no problem.


I remember when Giants scared me. They freak me out until level 20.  My first experience with Giants in this game was kind of funny. I snuck up to one and tried to kill it with my Bow. After getting hit and losing almost all of my health, I ran. I ran until I found a cave. My first thought, as with every Elderscrolls Game Cave, is that they would be friendly. Then I almost died again and got infected with Vampirism. That first day of Skyrim was very hard haha

Went through some dungeon, dispatching every last draugr with my bow, undetected.... and artfully, practicing making the bodies land where I want them.

When you get so powerful that a Draugr Death OVERLORD turns and runs from you! I blasted him with an Unrelenting force, he flew across the dungeon. I ran up to him and slashed him with a power move. His head rolled off his body. Love those graphic action scenes.