Thank you M$ and 343 for ruining Halo

Thanks for turning it into CoD clone #952186

Now I have no reason to buy the next Xbox.


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You sir are an idiot if think its a CoD clone.  Its far from it.

Far from it? Hmm lets see



Permanent sprint

Ordinance drops (care package)

Join in progress

xp based rank system where you get points to unlock weapons and perks

Spartan Ops (a lame special ops ripoff)

The game is garbage.

Lol, because COD invented those right?

What invented those features is irrelevant. The fact is Halo is no longer an arena shooter. A lot of people are quitting the series because of this game. Lowest population numbers in Halo history.

Quit complaining and deal with it.

^Or people have just moved on from Halo.  I play a lot less than I have in past Halos.  The game is awesome though and some if not all the things they "copied" from CoD were great.  Permanent sprint, join in progress, and Sparton Ops are all fantastic new features imo.

There is always Reach

"People have moved on from Halo" is pretty true. You can't keep rereleasing Halo 3 with a new coat of paint or people will complain it is too similar *cough* Cal of Duty Complainers *cough* and you can't change because people will complain *cough* OP *cough*.


Everything ends, and looks like Halo is starting to. I've always liked the franchise, but I've never been crazy about it. I just feel no reason to play much multiplayer on any game any more unless it's Co-Op and Spartan Ops is a huge fail.

@BEAST - Sprint is terrible for Halo. 343 made it a permanent feature so they have an excuse to make so many huge maps. 7 out of 10 maps in this game are big maps and this game has no close quarters combat because of it. Join in progress is terrible because it means getting put into games on a team getting destroyed so you are given losses that you have nothing to do with. Spartan Ops is just endless waves of enemy farming with no purpose at all. You can't even earn xp after rank 130 so the mode becomes totally useless. Not to mention they recycle the same 4 maps and repeat the same dialogue over and over.

I don't care for it. It gets boring pretty fast. Still prefer Reach.


What Halo 5 needs is proper killstreaks. None of this power weapon stuff. It needs Pelican Gunners, Banshee Strikes, Promethian Crawlers for attack dogs, and a Tactical MAC Round to end the match.

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