Thank you infinity ward

I just wanted to come here and say thank you for everything.  I never appreciated your company as much as I do now when I look at what kind of gouging epic has done with gears of war 3.  In the future, please dont change the way you have been doing things, because it looks like infinity ward and bungie are the two game companies that actually care about their customers being satisfied.  Thats why i buy all my call of duty games new.  I really hope all games arent headed in the direction of dlc on disc and every little thing costing money.

Thanks for everything, also heres the ratings on the marketplace for gears dlc, 1 star for all of it.  
people hate gears or war 3 DLC


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instead of thanking every other company why don`t you direct your complaints about gears 3 to the developers?

if you honestly think every company is not going to be doing this in future your having a laugh.

i do not buy dlc so i understand where your coming from,but unless everyone stops buying it this will just get worse with every release.

and if you think infinity ward have nothing but happy customers try the cod4 forum.

there are 2 type of people that post on forums, fanboys and complainers.  the normal people get drowned out by sarcastic responses.

 your right about people needing to stop buying crappy dlc, but if you looked at the link youd be surprised with how epics dlc response is completely negative.  i hope that the other developers might take note of this.  dlc should be used to convince customers to keep playing an older game that is still good.  it should not be on the disc and completely finished by release.  I love COD regardless, and i dont to see this crap coming from them.  instead of the next xbox, people might invest their money in a rig instead    

does he work for infinity..has he not seen the state of cod4..mw2 is a pile of...and mw3 looks more of the same..he sounds like he wants to be iw's employee of the month.

dude, compare the final release of call of duty to halo and youll say its crap, compare it to gears 3 and youll come crawling back.  call of duty has cheating and whatnot, but leaderboards are never pure.  to think so is naive, in a perfect world, leaderboards wouldnt exist.   all leaderboards do is give children a reason to cheat.  thats why in games without leaderboards cheating is less prevolent.

gears money grubbing is what i dont want to see on cod.  could you imagine if they start charging for individual perks insted of unlocking them.  thats what it looks like developers are deciding to do.  the ones who havent yet need to be told it is unacceptable before they make that mistake.

say no to downloading on disc dlc and all the sorry microtransactions that go along with it.

i guarantee mw3 has as much if not more dlc than gears 3 over the next year.

this said the reason i didn`t buy gears 3 is because of the extra dlc.

when they are advertising all the dlc before the game is even released just makes me think how much are they taking out of the games release just so they can charge extra for it later.

this "season pass" idea is the worst thing to hit gaming in years along with the online pass.

so i do agree with you it has to stop but thinking infinity ward or activision are any different, you are very wrong.

Well said op, IW is phenomenal when it comes to doing what their true customer base wants.  Like people will always come up to me and say "Rasta, why you buying that over priced dlc for MW2?"  Well it's simple, IW makes the best FPS maps hands down, and I'm getting 5 maps.  Back in the day, Halo was only giving you 3 rubbish maps for 10$ so yea I'm going to pay an extra 5$ and get 5 dope maps that will give me DAYS of entertainment value.  Yeah I'm gonna continue riding with IW cause I know they all of a sudden aren't going to completely change their engine or do something stupid to try to be unique and fresh.  They've set the bar of excellence so don't break something that's not broken.

yup, the dlc for iw has always been great, well priced, and not released on the disc the date its released.  thats why they are doing the right thing.  if they head down the road with epic, you will end up paying for dlc that was finished 2 months before the release of the game and then pay 2 or 3 dollars here and there just to use different guns.

like i said, check out epics dlc and how people hate it, IW is hopefully taking notice of it.  

1200 M$ for dlc is a rip off.

yep, but thats going to be a fond memory if people keep paying for it.  we're going to be wishing the dlc was only 1200 ms points.  halo 2 you paid for dlc to get early access to it, then in 2 months it was free.   the dlc from IW was pricey, but at least they didnt include it on the disc, they used it to spark interest in an old game.  


i didnt pay for it because your right, but it is going to get alot worse.

[quote user="GlRTH"]they used it to spark interest in an old game.  [/quote]

that to me is the whole point in dlc.

when its on the marketplace the day before release ( e.g forza 4 ,muscle cars ) it is just a joke.

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