thank you for furtheremore catering to tool bags, and posers

Not only have  they made a *** gun that kills almost as easily at merely pulling the trigger whenever facing toward the enemy, but they've added a tracker on steroroids to the game both as excluive content (only $49.99!)  I still can't get over it. How greasy can cod get?


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Not sure at all what you're talking about!


I assume the ripper but don't know of any tracker???

the new sniper rifle has a tracker sight combo

haven't even noticed, ill have to look at it. might be good for my AI  squads sniper, been having trouble getting him  a combo that works right.

The "new" sniper DLC weapon has been out several months now. It came out with the DLC pack before this one, I thought. The SMG DLC "Ripper" was with this DLC.

  I'm not overly impressed with it myself. seems a bit on the weak side and needs 2 hits frequently. I dont see any big difference with the tracker site either.

  As far as using it for ai squads..... I've wondered whether tracker sites, thermal etc have any advantage for ais since they dont actually "see" the way we would.

hmm, not played ghosts in a while, perhaps i'll check out the changes :)

Ive played allot with TT sight and AI;s they do tend to iron sight allot but I do see a bit of a gain, same with the Silencer, they do a bit better with then without.

Ill launch squad assault an just spectate to see how my AIs do against AIs , if they can still win one man down, I take that as progress in my package load out.

Though it can vary, like goin against a lvl 10 guy with 5 lvl 1 bots, and all his AI's are campin trick shooters suddenly........

Heck where do I buy one !! haha