TFF VICIOUS VIXENS Playdate! Girls Only

THE VICIOUS VIXENS are inviting all Ladies to come out and play some friendly games of Black Ops. We are looking for the girls that have shown interests in Joining a Mature Respectable Community and those that just want too play with other ladies.

Our goal is too connect you with other awesome Lady Gamers and an Awesome Community!

You Ask When, How about: Sunday June 12, 2011 3pm PST, 6pm EST.

Who: Send Game Invites or Request to these names the night of the Playdate and we will send you an invite to the match!


A Little About Us: The Vicious Vixens are apart of a Community known as TXG (Triple X Gamers). Which consists of 4 Guy clans and 1 Female clan. We are apart of the girls division called The Fatal Females. The Community is based on Maturity, Respect and Fun. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

The girls division has bonded together and have a great group of gals, we love getting together and kicking bootay. Its great when the other team realizes they just lost to a group of chicks. We also love playing private matches against each other for loads of laughs and chaotic fun. Yes we take our game play serious, but it is all about having fun and meeting awesome gamers along the way.

So, Sunday June 12, 3pm PST. Join us ladies for loads and loads of fun!!

Sorry Fellas, This is for LADIES ONLY! But Please tell your lady friends to come play with us.


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Thank you Kitty ! Our clan is more like a sisterhood we can always use more sisters. Cant wait!!!!

Reminder to the Ladies about the Vicious Vixens Playdate. We look forward to meeting awesome lady gamers.

hey im a Rep for CAG and i was thinkin we can have a friendly Match if you want more Info go to

HEY! awesome to see some gamer chicks on here promoting all girl clans!! woot!! :D

just FYI, my friend and i had an all girls clan, but decided to turn it into more of a gamer chick safe haven lol where all girl clans can be promoted, and girl gamers can find people to game with on a lot of different games! so if you'd like, we have a facebook page that you guy are MORE than welcome to promote your clan on! [] anyways, awesome job you guys are doing! maybe ill have to swing through on your playdate!! :D

What the hell is up with you a Gdubs Postin on S*** CAG does you guys are just hate on us cuz you didnt get your way and Gdybs and Kap couldnt change the rules that have been in place i guess since MW2 So start being Cry Babys somewhere Else and get Out of CAGs way

Thanks for the Support. I'll have to check out the page. :)

Lmao @ Knoxville BOSS don't argue on someone else thread that's rude xD

And nice to see u girls sticking together because people these days are very disrespectful to girls.... Well and guys xD.

@CallMeUnited, THANK YOU DUDE!! THATS WHAT IM SAYIN! :D *virtual high-5*

btw, how long have you girls been a clan?

Well being a guy I haven't been in a girls clan. But I do run my own community Http://

We should have a gaming night sometime.