TFC Recruiting UK Mature players - CoD, Fifa, GoW...

Hi! The Footsoldier Clan (TFC) are Recruiting! UK Players

About us:

TFC started towards the end of 2008 initially as a Gears of War clan. Gradually moving to more games such as Call of Duty and Fifa, we grew as a clan and now have a core set of players that have been in the clan for 1-2 years. We are like a community really and are looking for some new players to help us grow.

We are a mature clan with 90% of our members being 20+. We are all about having fun and enjoying gaming. Our skill levels range throughout the clan and we try and accommodate that through different style teams whenever we can, be it competitive or casual teams. We have some players that are part of the community and don't play clan matches, so we like to think there is something for everyone's taste.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for mature loyal gamers based in the UK that want to have a laugh and play some clan matches. We do have an age restriction of 18+ but we have been known to bend the rule as maturity doesn't always scale with age. :)

Call of Duty:

A lot of our members have moved back to GoW and we are currently low on CoD players. With the release of MW3 we are looking to recruit to get a team up and running again. We compete in the WGL, which is the largest / oldest UK Xbox live league and have been there since season 1, playing in both the Mix Modes and the Search and Destroy leagues.

Gears of War:

We are also recruiting for Gears of War 3. We have one big team at the moment of 14 or so players playing in two leagues on the WGL; Mix Modes and Execution. Within the team we have all sorts of players from Wall bouncers to Snipers to Retro lovers (damn them!)

We have a more 'competitive' team and a 'casual' team within the one big squad and are looking for more for both types so everyones welcome.


There are lots of us at TFC that are football fans and love to play clubs whenever we can. We have done well whenever entering our team into leagues such as, finishing 2nd then 1st in the Prem for Fifa 11.

We are looking mainly for defenders and a goalie as we have quite a few playing in midfield and upfront. Don't be put off if you are not one of these though as we often have spaces elsewhere, just if everyone's on we tend to fill up the midfield and attacking areas very quickly :)

Our site:

Our site is

If you are interested in joining then feel free to sign up on our site and post up in our 'Join TFC' section. Let us know a little about yourself in the post. What games you play, age, where you heard about us, what games you are getting, anything about yourself that you want to share like hobbies, interests etc.

Our YouTube:

There are a couple of us that like to mess about with recording and editing as well so we have a YouTube channel that is growing slowly. Check it out here:

I think thats about it, thanks for reading! Hope to see some apps soon.

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Cheers for the apps, we are still looking for more :D