Texture Packs - Free/Purchase...I dun care

Want to first start off by saying I do love the default textures of Minecraft.

I would like options however.  The PC version has many texture packs that really spruce up the graphical quality.  Is there any chance the 360 version will be seeing texture packs?  (I'd imagine at least the Halo pack would be available at some point)


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I think if they include texture packs, they will be released around the time the adventure update is released. When that is, I don't know.

I kind of doubt we will ever see texture packs on this version of Minecraft given the Xbox 360's limited RAM and power (basically it has the power of computers from 2005, four years before Minecraft was even released).  The better the resolution of the textures, the more RAM that is required to store those textures.  I don't think you can run any PC game that has come out this year if you only have 512 megs of GDDR3 RAM.    

Well, one thing to consider is that an Xbox is not a computer. The GPU in the Xbox is on-par with a Radeon X1800, which is so old that Windows 7 won't even support it. Despite that fact, you see rather impressive visuals in many games. That's not to say that the Xbox is on-par with the PC, or even close, but the Xbox does VERY well with what it's given.

Windows XP and Windows 7 had requirements of at least 1 GB of RAM, and Vista required 2 GB. An Xbox doesn't have to do the stuff that a PC has to, though. The hardware is much more optimized for gaming. Bseides, Minecraft's issue is likely to be more CPU-related, as it creates large worlds, but they're in no way highly-detailed textures. I speak from a LITTLE bit of experience with this, because I watched my great aunt's laptop's CPU chuggin at 80-90% with Minecraft running. It was REALLY bad.

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I think if they include texture packs, they will be released around the time the adventure update is released. When that is, I don't know.


The Adventure Update might come soon because the next update contains sprinting and sprinting requires food ( Food Bars ) So The Food Bars are in adventure update so that means it will probably added somewhere around the end of this year

The default texture pack is 16x so I don't see why 16x texture packs would be a problem.

16x texture packs should not be a problem.  Label07, however, was talking about texture packs that "spruce up the graphical quality" (i.e., something well beyond 16x)  That is where the limitations of the Xbox 360 come in to the equation.

By the way, responding to Conquer13, the next update WILL be the Adventure Update (Beta 1.8).  That has already been disclosed.  What we don't know, however, is when that will be or whether texture packs will be included with that.

Definitely. If the xbox could handle it, I'd love to use Ovo's Rustic Pack, which is 64x. Other than Misa's I've probably used Ovo's for the longest and love it.

I don't know if this helps answer anything, but here's where I go for all my info.. that, and the wiki. :)


As suspect they will be limited to 16x.