Texture issues that I am having, pics for everyone.



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Don't get me wrong, it still looks great, looks amazing, but some of these texture issues shouldn't be here, I've installed it on my Hard drive, and same issues as without installing.

I installed it to my HDD and I'm experiencing the same problems. It's quite annoying but at least Bethesda as already confirmed the problem and are working to fix it.

could be wrong but i heard this problem only happens when installing it to hard drive, havnt tried it myself and i have no problems. but atleast you can play skyrim with oblivion graphics :p

@xANVx, really? that's awesome good to hear..

Yep- they've confirmed and also made a statement regarding the need for the game to to heavily use the caching on the 360 to alleviate downscaling textures. Apparently the cache works differently when you're running off of the disc compared to the HD. Regardless, as long as game play isn't broken, I'll be happy to wait.  :)