Terror Is Reality!

Looking for some gamers to play some TIR games together to work on achievements and moola.  anyone interested?


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whisey blades..cashing out mean u move the cash to the story..let say u have 1000 cash in the story...than u win 67,900 in TIR and u cash out and save it to your story save and the start the story n u have 68.000 cash in the story

It is good for the money though.

I hope that there's no versus co-op in DR: Off the Record. I was very good at TIR, but man did I hate doing it in the first place. I got the achievements on the second day I had the game and haven't played in TIR since then.

I will say that after 72,000 kills it would have been nice to give something other than a achievment. In DR1 you got the real mega buster aka megaman gun.

At least you´re right because it´s simply boring in most games.

And i won´t do that e.g. in  Gears because imho it´s a complete waste of time to kill yourself over and over again to boost seroius 2.0 ,

And I won´t ever get the 53K and 72k Zombie genocider because i´m not willing to spend 10 hours of my life to drive through the strip ;-)

But the TIR thing was fun and we did it in a commpetition , so at least it needed a bit skill (ok the worst uf us all got a free round at the end)

It shouldnt take a month to get good at it. I was rolling TIR in just a few days of playing. It's not hard. You just need a strat for each game mode. For instance on the sniper game if you shoot straight at one of the doors that the zombies are coming from and hit 1 or 2 bonus' then you will win. Whatever if no one plays then I see your boosting ways. I still think its cheap though. The way you are doing it takes no skill what so ever. "Hey Barney its your turn to win".

@ BAD The Servers are nearly dead.  Yesterday only 10 people were online.

And in my opinion it´s not only a skill question. It´s even  a time question.

And I don´t have the time to play those games for serveral hours, and month to be as good as the people who don´t play anything else.

so live and let die.

I go through the campagne for my own, but i hate online achievements , so why not boost them.

And as the yellow outfit is not an achievement , nor me or my buddies need it.

In one point i agree with you, it´s a good thing to obtain an achievement for your own, and i would never cheat to get them, besides these terrible online achievements ;-)

@Zaylify : When you´re looking for more people to play try it in the evening or at the weekend.

Unfortunately the servers are regional so us and european players can´t play together.

Doener Barley: If thats the case then nobody plays anymore. It wasnt that way back when the game was still new. Oh well I did it with no ones help and i feel very good about that.. They really are not hard to do.  Good luck getting the yellow TIR outfit I doubt your buddies will stick around for that long of a time.------------------------------------

Boosters: People who have not enough skill to get things done on their own. So they need someone to hold their hand and basically cheat. 

When is the best day to play TIR? To have players for a play?

@BAD 2020

I´ve had a "boosting" session on Monday, and it worked out good for us to be in the same game.

28 people were online that time.

Sometimes we asked people to leave the lobby when already 3 were in, and that was fine.

We all had Win big and Rising Star for all 4 of us within 45 minutes.

Going for TKS Favorit at the weekend, but this is a bit difficult because the events are random.

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