Terrible framerate while host waves 20+

I just played a round of moon with my friends to get the easter eggs and stuff. While we finished the easter egg we all got perks but once we got to wave 20 i started getting really bad frame rate lag. like a solid 5 frames per second until there was only 5 zombies left in the wave. It got to the point around wave 26 that I couldnt even play anymore the lag got sooooo bad. Has this happend to anyone else? Is there a way to prevent it? It was the first time this has ever happened to me and I dont want to go on another zombie marathon just to get the same glitch.

BTW i know people are going to say its my internet but its not. I have a 100mbps down 5mbps up connection.


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It's not your net. It was a mild seizure. See warning on game.

It happened to me on Ascension but that was after round 35. And what company sells internet that has 100 down and 5 up?? Seems kind of dumb.

As long as you are willing to pay they'll sell you anything lol

Haha I guess, every ISP around me usually match the up and down speeds.