Terrible at shooting, any tips would be wonderful

I played 4 games today (just got a Gold membership for the first time yesterday) and got blown out in them all, the closest margin being a 17 point loss to New York (I've played as the Mavericks in all games). In most of the games I would've been at least competitive if I could shoot better, I played good defense, (usually) rebounded well and played a good overall game...except for that whole scoring points thing. I just can't get a handle on shooting, especially with Kidd and Dirk (two of my favorites), if anyone has tips or pointers they would be greatly appreciated.


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know your players and their ratings also their hot spots on the court. use screens, pick and rolls and just pass the ball around to find the open guy, as shooting a wide open jumper is more likely to fall than if you had dwight howard in ya face. don't assume just because you have a good shooter all your shots will go in, try going for more inside shots, layups, dunks ect to build up your confidence bar.

Okay, I've played several more games and tried playing a smarter game, but that still hasn't helped my shooting. I've even gotten better at the timing, but I had ten shots in the last game that were in the green but didn't go in =/