Terms of Use (T.O.U.) Violation!!!!

MY club is being held hostage by gamer with gamertag "SunshineSumo59". The club (which was at the time ranked #1 on the leaderboards), FC Agweegwee, made a group decision to kick this player off the club. Unfortunately, the guy who did it was unaware that "SunshineSumo59" was still in the match lobby. Now this guy is refusing to leave the match lobby, and he even has captain, effectively preventing us from playing games. We have already slipped to #3 on the leaderboards and falling quickly. If this keeps up we will be out of contention within days or maybe less. I have made a report of this matter to both EA and Xbox live. If this guy is disconnected from Xbox Live or EA servers for even 1 second, this problem will be resolved. This happened at approx. 10pm last night, and so has already been going on for 12 hours (!). PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST MODERATORS!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! SOMEBODY CONFIRM MY ADULATION FOR XBOX LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I AM BEGGING YOU!!!!!

The following are the reference numbers for my formal complaints, starting with Xbox Live


EA  Ref. #: 110611-009167

If anyone happens to encounter this gamer at a later point please be sure to give him my regards.


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