Ten Reasons to Be Interested in The Elder Scrolls Online

Ziz outlines his list of the top 10 reasons MMORPG and TES fans have to be excited about picking up ESO this April! (or June for us X-Box gamers)



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Very nice!


That's my primary reason to be excited :)

I cant wait from this game to release

This game will be awesome.

I can't wait!  Might have to buy it on console and PC xD

I had played in two of the beta's so far and was still deciding. I had solo'd most of the content so didn't really have a good idea how it would be. Then I leveled high enough to do a group dungeon. SOLD. It was great playing as a healer and doing group tactics and having epic fights throughout the dungeon and they still have endgame dungeons for 24 players and Veteran dungeons with epic loot too. I can't wait for this to hit and play with friends.  

Yeah I played the beta in pc and it was ok and then got another and it was better but in my third invite I couldn't try it because I was moving but after going to youtube and seeing a lot of videos especially pvp in cyrodill (yeah the whole map!) I must buy it. If you keep watching recent eso video as old as 2 weeks and older you might also change your mind and buy the game. In my city a lot of people are getting it for xbox one after checking pre order for different stores such as gamestop and best buy. I hope other xbox players keep preodering in order city because trust me this game will be good for the first huge mmo for xbox one :)

I meant 2 weeks ago or newer videos in youtube. I never payed or really got into a mmo so I am willling to give this one a try since the first month is free with the game. I am sure before the month is done I would have done a lot of things