Teleportation Magic?

I have noticed some of the NPCs have used what appears to be a teleportation spell. Does anyone know if this is useable by the player? Kind of reminds me of the Mark and Recall spells in Morrowind.

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From what I read there is a spell like that in the game but it's not usable or finished. I think what you're seeing is just NPCs "catching up" to where they're supposed to be.

It was some evil mage that would teleport from one corner of the room to the other. There was some purple energy around her when she did it. I hope this is available at some point during the game.

I know the point your talking about and no you cant get it the reason you see it then is because she is using the altars around the room that she has connected herself to and can only teleport to them

Yeah, it seems I've only come across this evil mage teleporting and a few hargravens in their castles teleporting to the next floor up when I whacked them a few times with my mace.

You can't use it, no. Many of the high level Magic using enemies will though.

Minor spoiler I guess.


The Psijic Monk also uses a version of teleportation a few times.

In some cases this is not teleportation, some of these characters just turn invisible and run away.  Morrowind had a recall spell you could use, but I think that was the last game where they had that implemented.  Basically you cast an "Anchor" spell in the place you wanted to return and then when you were out and about you cast the recall spell to come back.  This made questing sooooo nice.  You get a quest from an NPC, anchor in front of them, run out and get the item/kill the monster, then recall back for a reward.  Wish they would re-implement this.  Keep in mind the NPCs in Morrowind were very fixed, they hardly ever left a single spot, let alone transitioned to another area.